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By Dawn McGuire


6 x 8 in; 80 pages


ISBN 9780967472058




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 Audio: Dawn McGuire reads from The Aphasis Cafe and American Dream with Exit Wound (Pub date April 2017)

 Winner of the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the category of poetry!

The poems of THE APHASIA CAFÉ write the lives of individuals who, because of stroke or dementia, have lost all or part of their ability to use language, exploring what happens to self when language, the tool we use to construct who we are, suddenly fractures along one of its many fault lines. Sections of THE APHASIA CAFÉ also explore language and self-identity in relation to family life, political violence, bigotry, shame, and redemption.

Other sections of The Aphasia Cafe also explore language and self-identity, but in relation to family life, political violence, bigotry, shame and redemption.

These imaginatively straightforward poems, accessible to all of us 'aphasics', as we struggle to understand and to communicate who we are.

1st Edition is sold out.    2nd Edition now available.